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Different Marijuana Gift Ideas When Visiting Las Vegas

weed gifts

Chances are, you've heard by now it is legal to smoke and enjoy marijuana within Las Vegas. That is perfectly as it just makes your level of enjoyment within Sin City that much greater. However, outside of visiting Las Vegas marijuana shops, won't you want to bring some of the fun home with you, both for yourself and your friends? Well, you can't just buy weed packages and take it back with you. Boarding planes with marijuana is not only looked down upon but illegal. Thankfully, there are other options out there for you to bring gifts back home with you. We've got a few different suggestions for you to consider.

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Why is Las Vegas Called Sin City?

sin city

For a city that means "the meadows" in Spanish, how did a place with a picturesque, Bob Ross type landscape name to it (minus the happy trees) become known as Sin City? There is a rather interesting history to this. In fact, Sin City doesn't directly reference all of Las Vegas, but instead just a section of it. And as a side note, if you're outside of the United States, "Sin City" may refer to another town or section of a town (think red light districts). But in regards to Las Vegas, there is a unique history all its own. So, whether you're interested in current marijuana travel and the kind of Sin City rules found here in Nevada, or you just want a bit of a history lesson, here is everything you need to know about why Las Vegas is called Sin City.

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Fun Facts About Weed

fun weed facts

Are you someone who just loves pot? Maybe you're just curious as to its history? Perhaps you've never even tried it, but now that you can mix weed and escorts in Las Vegas you're suddenly interested. Whatever the reason, we've got all the fun facts about weed and weed culture right here for you.

How Old is Pot?

This is up for some debate. The DEA Museum in Arlington, Virginia has information referencing the use of marijuana dating back to 2727 BC by Chinese Emperor Shen Nung. Of course the problem with this information is that the time frame Shen would have been emperor is close to 260 BC (just a 2500 year discrepancy), although some historical documents might have been incorrectly labeled. However, the Taiwanese did use hemp around the year 8,000 BC, so it's possible between now and then the Chinese did decide to try and smoke it. Obviously at some point someone looked at the plant and wondered if they could "smoke this too?"

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Amazing Lesbians Smoking Weed

lesbians smoke weed

Wouldn't it be great if everyone was open to new ideas and different ways of life? It would make life so much better, wouldn't it? You won't be able to find that everywhere, but in Las Vegas, we feel pretty confident that it's possible to connect you with just about anyone who shares the same kind of passion and way of thinking as you do. So if you're a lesbian and enjoy partaking in weed, we know exactly what to do and how to connect you with the best weed smoking girls around.

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Weed Tinder

weed tinder

Let's face it. Enjoying marijuana is always much easier to do when you have others around you. There's just an entirely different affect to be had when you're with friends and other like minded individuals. But how in the world are you suppose to do that when you don't know anyone in town? Well, we can always connect you with some of the very best escorts who wouldn't mind smoking down with you. However, if you'd like a few other options to track down others to share weed experiences with, there are several different ways to go about doing it. And don't worry, we've got the insights to help out.

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