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Come Experience A Real 420 Vacation!

There's really nothing like kicking back and enjoying a hit on high end weed with beautiful women. We're not talking about the old, dried out, inferior product you probably are use to. We're talking about the expertly cultivated marijuana, grown to be enjoyed legally in Las Vegas. Whether you're into a head high or a body high, there is a kind of marijuana in Las Vegas for you. But there's so much more to take in than just the recreational weed in Las Vegas. In fact, is you really want to know how to enjoy weed while in town, you'll be blown away as to what the beautiful escorts of Sin City are down for. So if you're planning your next great 420 vacations, don't settle for those other states and make your way to Las Vegas for some high end Sin City parties (with marijuana, of course).

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So What are Nevada Pot Laws?

Before traveling anywhere and making reservations, you need to understand what kind of laws are in place. After all, the last thing you want to do is fly out to a state or city, only to find out you need a medical marijuana card in order to purchase the goods. Thankfully, Las Vegas recreational weed is perfectly legal. In fact, it is now one of eight states that allows recreational marijuana for use by adults 21 and over. So you don't need to worry at all. Of course, you will need to know a bit more about where to buy recreational weed in Las Vegas and where you can use it, but at least you know you're able to take full advantage of the marijuana tourism here in the state while spending as much time as possible with all the incredible, high end escorts.

So now that the question of is weed legal in Las Vegas has been answered, you'll need to know a bit more of the specifics. First of all, you can buy up to one ounce of marijuana at a time, or up to one-eighth of an ounce of marijuana concentrates (such as the marijuana juice for your vape pen, if that's your thing). Currently there are around 60 medical marijuana dispensaries throughout the state, many of which are located here in Las Vegas.

Where Can You Enjoy Your Kush Tourism?

So lets get down to brass tacks here (did you know that saying originated in Texas during the 1860s and is based off of the brass tacks commonly used to precisely measure cloth?). When it comes down to where is it legal to smoke weed, the laws are similar to that of alcohol and tobacco. There are very specific areas within the city where you can enjoy your smoking passions. Now, you can't just freely walk around the Strip with a join hanging from your lips. That's not going to work. However, there are very specific destinations that do allow marijuana usage.

Currently, outside destinations for enjoying marijuana legally is a bit limited. While the state law has changed, allowing recreational marijuana, it still requires the chance of subsequent laws with regards to hotels and especially casinos. The use of drugs within casinos currently could lead to a casino being stripped of its gambling license. Due to this, casinos and the hotel aspects of the casinos are not 420 friendly. Now, this is sure to change in the near future (and we'll for sure let you know when it does), but there is no marijuana smoking allowed in the casinos or hotels.

So that brings up the next question regarding 420 friendly hotels and how cannabis connoisseurs can go about enjoying their product. As you can't role into the MGM or Caesar's, where can you enjoy your pot? Your best option is to look for Air BnB rentals that allows marijuana usage. Always make sure the rental is 420 friendly, otherwise you'll be hit with a pretty hefty cleaning fee. The weed culture and pot tourism of Las Vegas will take off quickly (most likely more quickly than how long it's taken Washington and Colorado), but for now, in order to get high there in your rental, you'll need to stick to all the guidelines.

Adding Fun To Your High Times Vacations

One of the big new things in Las Vegas is marijuana dating. You'll get onto apps and search out people who are also interested in pot. 420 dating apps make it possible to connect with others out there, but do you really want to take a chance on finding out whether or not the weed Tinder feature is worthy of your time in Vegas? Last thing you want is to spend time with a lame person who smokes all of your quality bud. That is why, to us, when someone asks what does 420 friendly mean, it means you not only are able to smoke weed, but you do it with a friendly face as well. Our high end escorts can make sure you keep the very best company, whether you decide to smoke down in your hotel room, watch some 420 porn, or head out to one of the clubs that allows you to smoke inside. After all, when you're in Vegas, you expect to have the best time possible.

Fun Facts About Weed

Seasoned smokers will already know this, but if you're coming into town and not really up on your marijuana, you'll be asked if you want a head high or a body high. With different marijuana strains available for purchase, you can pick out the kind of high you want (instead of hoping the crusty weed inside your friend's lunch baggie is going to deliver what you're interested in). You should also probably tell the dispensary your experience level with marijuana as well. You don't need something that is going to knock you over the head and put you to sleep after one hit. When you've got beautiful women around you'll want to be as awake as possible. Don't worry though, if you go through us we'll help make sure your entire 420 vacation lives up to what you've been looking for.