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Finding 420 Friendly Hotels in Las Vegas

420 hotels

Nevada recently passed a law allowing the legal purchase of recreational marijuana. Sweet Jesus that's awesome, isn't it! So now you can come down and toke up to your hearts content, right? Well, yes and no. Sure, you can purchase up to an ounce of weed at once (you can always return for more, just don't have more than an ounce of weed on you at any given time), but where can you smoke it? Are there hotels you can get down with your pot and your escorts for a crazy good time? Those are questions you need to figure out before you come out to Sin City. The last thing you want is to arrive with your hotel booked and find out you're up a creek without a paddle (and not even able to smoke your weed while up the creek). So here is everything you need to know about it.

One Law's Passed, Still Need a Bunch More

So here's the thing they don't tell you about the legalization of marijuana. It isn't just Nevada cannabis laws but all state laws (this has happened in Colorado, Washington and everywhere else marijuana legalization has taken place). The state passes a law saying it is alright to legally smoke marijuana recreationally. However, there are all sorts of other state laws that need to change in order to allow marijuana to smoke within a certain facility or location. That's why, when looking for a place to smoke weed, you can't smoke in a traditional hotel room or in restaurants. Laws will need to go into affect allowing businesses to allow the narcotic consumption around food. And as for casinos? There has always been major stipulations and laws banning the mixture of drugs and gambling. So while Nevada will probably move on this faster than other states, it's still not legal to smoke weed in casinos (or outside of casinos).

How to Smoke Weed in Your Room

So, you've got your lovely lady in the room and you want to toke up. Can't you just do it? Or pay for a smoking room? No, not at all. Well, you can try it and hope nobody finds out, but that's not a good way to go about it. Because it is illegal to smoke in a room, if the hotel finds out you did it (it's pretty easy to smell marijuana smoke) you'll be hit with a major fine from the hotel and there's a good chance they won't let you back. And here's the thing about that. You might assume fine, I'll pay the fine and just go to another hotel the next time you're in town. Problem is, nearly all of the casinos along the strip are owned by just a few major businesses. So if you're banned in one you'll be banned from a large number of casinos. That's why the most important question you need to ask yourself is "where is it legal to smoke weed?"

Book Your AirBNB

Right now, the best option available to you is booking an AirBNB. While you can't smoke in hotels currently, you are able to smoke in a private residence. Now, you shouldn't just wrap a fat blunt and burn away in just anyone's house. When booking an AirBNB make sure it is allowed. When searching for a rental option look to see if it says you can so this. Most rentals will inform you this right at the top, as they either want your business or they want to avoid marijuana smoking. Some might charge you a bit more in way of cleanup fees and other taxes, but it is the best, legal option for smoking marijuana while in Las Vegas. And you'll be able to find some really great spots throughout the city. This way, whether you want to be down by the strip or a bit away from all the noise, you'll have the option to do whatever it is you need or want.

Always Double Check

Whenever you decide to book your room for your big escort and marijuana weekend, make sure you know if you can smoke weed in the given location. You can enjoy marijuana in Las Vegas, as long as you follow the Nevada cannabis laws on the right place to smoke weed. So do yourself a favor and avoid the hotels right now and go with the private rentals. Plus, you can get airline miles through a Delta partnership with AirBNB, which makes it even nicer a booking opportunity.