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Different Marijuana Gift Ideas When Visiting Las Vegas

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Chances are, you've heard by now it is legal to smoke and enjoy marijuana within Las Vegas. That is perfectly as it just makes your level of enjoyment within Sin City that much greater. However, outside of visiting Las Vegas marijuana shops, won't you want to bring some of the fun home with you, both for yourself and your friends? Well, you can't just buy weed packages and take it back with you. Boarding planes with marijuana is not only looked down upon but illegal. Thankfully, there are other options out there for you to bring gifts back home with you. We've got a few different suggestions for you to consider.

I Love Las Vegas

Have you ever seen those "I Love Las Vegas" T-shirts? Of course you have. You've probably seen these all over the place. Even if you've never been to Las Vegas before you've likely seen your share of these shirts. Now, this is a funny little tweak on the I Love Las Vegas shirt. This one replaces the heart with a marijuana plant leaf. Not only is it great to wear around the city, but you will have friends who will completely love this design.

Of course, it doesn't just come in a t-shirt form. You can pick up the imagery on a mug, a tote bag or any number of other objects. After all, while all of your friends may not be able to enjoy the pot tourism with you, it is possible for you to give them a bit of your enjoyment along with you as well.

Anything With Pot Leafs Is Popular

Beyond replacing the heart shape with a pot plant, just about any kind of item with pot leafs on it is popular, especially with it coming from Las Vegas. The beauty of this combination is you can find nearly anything with pot plants imagery on it. Anything from poker chips to dice and playing cards. The combination of gambling imagery and pot leafs is extremely desirable and has quickly become one of the most sought after gifts to bring friends and family back home. These are the kinds of gifts where they don't need to be a gambler or a fan of pot to get a kick out of the gift. You can find some of these items in head shops Las Vegas strip destinations. Or you can stop by one of the many different gift shops along the way. You'll always find something that falls in line with this kind of product.

Las Vegas Pipes and Bongs

So what should you do for your friends who enjoy pot but are back home? Well you can always create a solid 420 care package. Sure, you can't actually bring back any edibles or pot with you. Don't need to deal with transportation issues when you have pot, as that's a quick way to end up in a jail cell. Instead, why not bring them back something they can enjoy their pot with back home? You can pick up a bong, pipe, masks or other gear they can use back at home. Plus it has just that little something extra when it comes from Sin City.

One word of warning when it comes to taking pipes and bongs back home with you. There's nothing illegal about having such items, as long as you haven't used it. If you've used the pipes or bongs in Las Vegas you'll want to avoid carrying it with you through airport security or onto a plane. This is because it has used narcotics in it, which may be seen as you carrying pot with you onto the plane. Again, this is not something you want to deal with.

Mailing the Goods Home

So let's say you have used your pipe or bongs while in Las Vegas. You don't want to just leave it behind. It probably cost a good amount, not to mention it may be a gift for your friends back home. But what does that leave you with? You can always take it and send it back home. Make sure you clean it out as good as possible and ship it through a carrier like FedEx or UPS. If it is made out of glass package it well so it doesn't break during shipping. And if you're worried about it being nabbed, just in case there is some residue left, ship it overnight. Overnight shipments don't have the time to go through all the same security protocols.

There are all sorts of different Las Vegas pot gift ideas to consider. These are just some of the more popular options. Of course, you can always ask your escort for a few ideas along the way.