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Ushi Is All About Bringing Pleasure

Asian Las Vegas escorts make sure their customers are happy.Las Vegas Asian escorts want to make you drool now.Vegas Asian escorts have the right touch to relax you.

Let's Make Some Good Times Together

You came to Vegas looking for energy. I’m going to give you a combination of energy, beauty and kinky fun. My name is Ushi and I’m one of the most requested escorts in Las Vegas. Most of the escorts Las Vegas offers only concentrate on one thing. I concentrate on a bit of everything and anything my guests want me to concentrate on.

The Vegas escort service industry is made to cater to our guests. I enjoy doing just that. One of the ways I cater to my guests is by being the most energetic in the escort service. I don’t stop laughing and smiling during my time with my guests. It’s not fake. It’s genuine because I’m a naturally energetic woman. As a Las Vegas escort, I have to be up for anything and I am. When my guests say they want to do something, it’s up to me to provide. I can dance all night, party too. I can entertain my guests at any function. If my guests want to go hiking and riding the roller coasters, that’s what we do. I have no limits and I’m not one that will wear out easy.

I am one of the tiniest escorts in Las Vegas. I may be tiny but my curves are made for men only. There is nothing hotter than a hot Ushin brunette with killer curves. Not only am I tiny and curvy, I’m sensual and kinky. For my guests that want to enjoy kinky pleasures, I love to give them. I am an expert at performing for my guests. I do a strip tease that my guests don’t mind staying in for. Not only will I do a strip tease, I also give a sexy full body massage. When my guests want to be satisfied, I do just that.

My guests are my priority. The kinky pleasures I give is like no other in the escort service. I live with energy. My energy and my kinky pursuits are focused on my guests. There is no other in the Vegas escort service that will do it like me and pleasure you like I will.

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