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Stripper Tipping Protocol

Hottest Strippers In Vegas That Love Tips

When you are in the company of a world class stripper you need to tip well. Strippers love a good tip! You are going to get the best show ever if I know in advance that you are going to treat me right. Tipping is highly encouraged, so get out those wallets and show those busty gals with tips galore. I want you to show your appreciation, so I can show you the time you are lusting after. I do love my job and I love making my customers feel special through and through. Make me feel special by giving me the right tip, because it’s encouraging for all involved.

For All Bachelor Party Extravaganzas

A Vegas bachelor party isn’t complete without a bevy of beautiful ladies to make your night extra fabulous. Half the reason to have a party is to get to spend time with me and my hot friends. Trust me, you are going to love every single second you spend in my presence. My sensual erotic dancing will take you to the height of desire. It’s like zero to 60 mph in a hot sport car. Ride my good vibes all night long to make your bachelor party one to remember. Make sure you tell your buddies that a good tipping protocol is greatly appreciated by all the girls.

A GFE Experience Like No Other

I would love to treat you to the GFE experience you deserve. I’ll be your girl for a night and you’ll be the only guy in my life. Just like a true girlfriend is how I’ll behave for you. Once again, it can’t be stated enough that if you give me a little tip in advance, I’ll show you an extra fabulous good time.

Tipping Is Not Optional

You tip your barista at Starbucks, and your waiters at a restaurant, so why wouldn’t you tip a hot lady who is going that extra mile to take you to pleasure island? You would! And you should! It’s just that easy to show your appreciation when I give you the lap dance of your dreams. Or the body rub naked that will set your senses on fire. This is a fantasy that you’ll keep coming back to again and again, so keep in mind that tipping is not optional. I’m so very grateful for each and every tip I get on top of my regular service fee. Trust me, it will be so worth your time and money to spend it with a gorgeous lady like me.